5 Indie Makeup Brands You Need To Know About

The cosmetics world is saturated with big name brands that our grandmas have been wearing since they were teens. Those brands may be easy to find at big box stores, but there is a fetch underground makeup scene that millennials can’t get enough of– indie makeup brands!What’s there not to love about indie makeup brands? Most of them are founded by female powerhouses that turned their dreams of creating the perfectly pigmented product into a reality. The coolest thing is that they aren’t afraid to take risks, and offer products in shades that the big brands would never dare to experiment with. That’s because major brands make makeup for the masses and indie makeup brands create products for a niche group of beauty addicts. But don’t get it twisted, their boutique vibe doesn’t mean that these products are sitting in a warehouse for days. as a matter of fact, a lot of times their online releases are so popular that they sell out within minutes of launching on their websites. Awesome blossom, right?

Personally, I’ve spiraled deep into the realm of indie makeup and get giddy when I discover a new brand. I’ve rarely been disappointed with the brands that I’ve tried, but there are 5 indie makeup brands that are hands down my favorite indie makeup brands EVEEERR!

Side Note: All of the brands I’m sharing with you are cruelty-free and almost all are 100% vegan.

5 Indie Makeup Brands You Need To Know About

1. Sugarpill
Fun fact: Sugarpill was the first indie cosmetics brand I ever tried and blogged about. If your in the mood for a throwback, you can see the review I wrote about the Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette and their loose eyeshadows back in 2012! Almost 4 years later and I can still say that I still love their products. I own almost every palette that they’ve made and the colors are incredibly pigmented and beautiful. You also get so much bang for your buck, since the shadow pans weigh .12 oz, that’s more than double the size of a MAC pan (.05 oz)!


2. Melt Cosmetics
Melt Cosmetics was founded by two Insta-famous ladies: Lora Arellano (who has worked her brushes on Rihanna) and Dana Bombar (who is a natural beauty, actress and makeup artist). The gal pals decided to pursue their quest for the perfect ultra-matte lipstick by starting their own cruelty-free brand of lip colors. The lip color line was such a success that they launched a few eyeshadow stacks too.
I’ve tried both their lipsticks and their eyeshadows and both products rock my socks. Their products are a little pricey, but I feel that the quality is worth every penny. I’m practically married to my Melt Dark Matter Eyeshadow stack and use it on the daily.

3. Lime Crime
Lime Crime is another indie makeup brand that has been around for a long time. The brand is a tad controversial and has had some negative publicity in the last year. Speaking solely about the products, I really like Lime Crime. I particularity love the whimsical branding that surrounds the brand. Every time I put on my Pink Velvet lipstick (which is my staple pink lippie), I feel like I’m going to get picked up by a unicorn and disappear into a rainbow of glitter. They are after all a brand for unicorns, or at least that’s what their website claims.The Lime Crime Velvetines are my favorite product by the brand and I love that they consistently release unique shades, but I’ve also tried their shadows and eyeliners and haven’t been disappointed. My next addition will definitely be the Venus Palette, so look out for a review on it soon.


Source: Nero Cosmetics

Nero Cosmetics is a baby in the indie makeup game, but don’t get it twisted, the founders have over 20+ years combined in the makeup industry. Right now they have a collection of 13 lip colors, which have a lacquered look to their finish. In my opinion, the most exciting shades in their collection are the metallic shades, particular the ultra trendy rose gold liquid lipstick in Gold Dust Woman. All of the beauty gurus on Instagram have been raving about the line and I’m looking forward to trying a few of the lip colors soon!
Since Colourpop popped up in the indie makeup game, the playing field has gone bonkers. Their products are incredibly cheap (in price, not quality), with lipsticks and coordinating lip liners for only 5 bucks a pop! They also carry cool eyeshadows, that have a cushiony formula, with serious color payoff. If that wasn’t enough, they have some of the best highlighters on the markets, and pretty cheek colors too. Oh, I can’t forget their new collection of pencil and gel liners, which I’m dying to try!
I’ve tried the lipsticks, lip liners, and blushes and all of them are fabulous! It’s easy too scoop up a box full of goodies from these gals because the offer free shipping on orders over $30. They also run pretty sweet promos, so make sure to sign up for their mailing list.

What indie makeup brand is your favorite? Do you know of a brand that you think I should try? Let me know below!

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    Love these recommendations! That Nero lipstick is beautiful and I have been wanting to order Sugar Pil & Meltl for a while….ColourPop is awesome…I love everything they make…Lime Crime I’ve been on the fence due to their negative press, especially regarding to their ingredients, but I must say their colors are so cool!

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