DIY Makeup Brush Holder

DIY Makeup Brush Holder


DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Last weekend was stormy and wet in South Florida, making it the perfect time to for an indoor DIY project. I made a quick trip to Michael’s when the storm slowed down and picked up a few things to create DIY Makeup brush holders for my vanity.

I started my vanity revamp a few weeks ago and some of you may have seem my before photo of my vanity that I posted on my instagram. I’m still working on getting my vanity to look exactly how I would like, but each week I’m making changes. My new brush holders are the perfect accent for my vanity and have given my brushes a stylish new home!

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

You will need:
– 7/8 inch ribbon of the color of your choice
– 3/8 inch ribbon of the color of your choice
– Decorative accent beads
– Recycled candle jars that have been cleaned out and washed (Depending on how many brushes you have, you may want to use an additional candle jar)
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Needle
– Thread

1.  Take your 7/8 inch ribbon and measure it around the candle jar and cut a piece of ribbon of ribbon that is about ¼ inch longer. Since I’m making two holders and both of my jars are the same size, I’m going to cut two pieces. If you are using jars of different sizes, make sure to measure and cut a piece of ribbon for each jar.

2.  Glue one end of the ribbon to your desired location on the jar. Wrap the remained of the ribbon around the jar and glue it on top of the ribbon you have already glued. The extra ¼ piece should be glues neatly over the ribbon to create a seamless appearance.
DIY Makeup Brush Holder

3. Create a bow a bow of you desired size for each jar.  If you don’t know how to create a bow, check out this YouTube tutorial, which I found to be helpful when I was creating my makeup brush holders.
DIY Makeup Brush Holder

4. Glue your finished bow on the center of the seam where the two pieces of ribbon meet. This will hide the ribbon seam creating a flawless appearance.
DIY Makeup Brush Holder

5. Fill ½ of your jar with accent beads

Your DIY Brush holder(s) are now complete and ready to store clean brushes, handle side down!

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

If you decide to create your own DIY brush holder(s) based on this tutorial and post them on Instagram or Twitter, make sure to tag me (@PrettyInPigment) in your post. I would love to see your creation!

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    Cute DIY, I’ve been meaning to jazz up my brush holder this makes me want to finally do it
    But I not sure yet what I want to do but this idea is cute with the bow 🙂

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