Lularoe Leggings: The Ultimate Guide to The Only Leggings You Will Ever Need!


When it comes to fashion, I’m typically not a fan girl, but that all changed when I met my first pair of Lularoe leggings, aka the BEST leggings ever!

I was first introduced to the brand by Ann Soumar, a Lularoe consultant that I met via mutual friends. She was super sweet and sent me my first pair of Lularoe leggings to try, as well as few of their other Lularoe clothing styles. While I waited for the package to arrive, I started to do a little research about Lularoe and joined Ann’s VIP shop on Facebook. This opened me up to a whole world of Lularoe obsessed women that talked about unicorn prints and buttery soft leggings at all hours of the day and night. I had never seen a thing like it. I couldn’t help but wonder how this clothing could be so addictive. At first I had a hard time understanding the lingo and culture around the brand (I was a newbie!), but the thing that stood out was that tons of women were OBSSESSED with Lularoe and there had to be a reason why.

After I slipping on the Lularoe leggings that Ann sent to me, I finally understood why. All I can say is HOLY MOLEY! And that my Pigment Pals is how I became one of those crazy Lularoe ladies myself.

In less than a month I consider myself to have become a savvy Lularoe enthusiast. I have learned a lot with the help of Ann and I’ve put together a guide to help you get started in the world of Lularoe fandom. Just a heads up, this is a long and super informative post, so grab a glass of something you like to drink and sit tight!

What’s Lularoe?

Lularoe is a clothing brand that was founded by DeAnne Stidham in 2013 in her living room. What started off as DeAnne making maxi skirts from her home quickly flourished into a cult favorite brand. Her mission was to create comfortable, affordable, and stylish clothing while providing people with opportunity and freedom. This is why Lularoe can only be purchased via independent consults, both at in-home parties and the ever so popular Facebook parties.

Ann Soumar and DeAnne Stidham

Photo: Ann Soumar and DeAnne Stidham

As far as Lularoe clothing, the brand is mostly known for its buttery soft printed leggings, but the other Lularoe styles don’t stay behind.

Lularoe Prints

I personally feel that one of the things that makes Lularoe so unique is the prints. Sure, the clothing styles are beautiful, but the prints are really what makes shopping from Lularoe an exclusive experience.

According to Ann, about 2,500 to 5,000 items are made in each print, which are designed by Patrick Winget and his design team. With such a limited amount of pieces in each print, it’s unlikely that you will see someone wearing the same print/style as you. There are literally thousands of prints to choose from and once a print is gone, it’s gone! You may see it reinvented in some kind of way, or in a different style, but the prints used on the merchandise is constantly changing.


Photo Credit: Lularoe

With such pretty prints to chose from and such limited quantities, it can sometimes make women nuts to find their “unicorn” print, but here is where things get fun. Consultants don’t get to pick their prints. They order the styles and sizes that they need and once their package arrives, it’s just as much as a surprise for the consultants as it is for his/her clients. According to Ann it’s like Christmas every time.

So what do you do if you fall in love with a print and your consultant doesn’t have it in stock? Keep reading and I’ll let you know below!

Lularoe Leggings work for all bodies, including plus size women

Something that I really like about Lularoe is that they make clothing for women of all sizes. As crazy as it sounds, the Lularoe leggings only come in two sizes: OS (one size) or TC (Tall & Curvy), but they fit a multitude of bodies. As Ann jokes, this brand is very, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

She’s right though because after trying the same style of dress (Carly) in different sizes, I too agree that the sizing is very versatile. I myself can wear anywhere between a Large to a 2XL in a Carly, it just depends how I want to dress to fit.

As much as I love that they make clothing for women of all sizes, I’m also happy to share that they make clothing for children and men too! Basically, the entire family can Roe it up!


Photo Credit: Lularoe

Lularoe Leggings: 3 ways to style the best leggings ever!

Lularoe Leggings are a must-have essential in your wardrobe because they can literally go with anything, and work for any occasion. I’ve dressed mine down to go on a walk and I have dressed them up to go out on a date. I’ve even worn them to sleep because they are just so stinkin’ soft!

Here are a few styling ideas you may like to take inspiration from!

Shirt & Leggings- This is a look that can be casual or dressed up, depending on the accessories that you add to your look. Ann suggest wearing Lularoe Leggings with the Perfect Tee because it adds a feminine touch. The Irma tunic is also a very popular shirt to pair with leggings, since it’s longer in the back.

Pro tip: On hot days, Ann suggests that you roll up your leggings and pair them with a tank and kimono for a cooler take on the shirt & leggings look.

lularoe leggings

Photo Credit: Ann Soumar

Blazer & Leggings- If you want to go for a polished look, without sacrificing comfort, try pairing your leggings with a long blazer.

Skirt & Leggings- Whether you want to add a warm touch to your skirt, or just a fun pattern to your look, leggings are a great addition with a skirt.

lularoe leggings

Photo Credit: Ann Soumar

How to care for Lularoe Clothing

Rule of thumb: If you don’t want to be sad, make sure that you follow the instructions on the tag. Generally, you want to wash your Lularoe leggings cold and tumble dry low.

The other clothing items from Lularoe may have different care instructions, so make sure to read the tag. Some items such as the kimonos and cardigans are dry clean only, and some are hand wash only.

How to Get Your Hands on Lularoe Unicorn Prints

When you fall down the rabbit hole of Lularoe, you are bound to come across prints that you you love. Unfortunately, many people tend to swoon over the same print, creating a Lularoe unicorn frenzy. How do I know? Because it happened to me.


After going on a unicorn hunt myself for this Randy Tee, I put together some tips that helped me score my must-haves:

  • Become BFFs with your consultant and ask for help on finding your must-have styles/prints- As Ann has told me, Lularoe consultants are not competitors, they are a sisterhood. They help one another and your consultant can talk to his/her pals to see what they have in stock.
  • Join multi-consultant FB groups for more chances on spotting your unicorn- This is a great way to see tons of inventory for more chances on finding your unicorn.
  • Do a Google search- Look up keywords such as “Lularoe cassette print” on Google. This will help you find Instagram images, Twitter posts, etc. that include your magic words. On a side note, be sure to do your research when you do spot your unicorn. Make sure that you find merchandise from an authorized Lularoe consultant and whatever you do, be weary of eBay sellers and other unofficial Lula sellers.
  • Search Instagram- Look up the print hashtag on Instagram (Ex: #LularoeBoomBoxPrint) on Instagram. Again, make sure you are shopping from a REAL Lularoe consultant.
  • Don’t Think too Long- If you spot a unicorn, whatever you do, DO NOT WAIT! It will be gone, so snatch it up fast!

It’s ok if you never find your unicorn, another one will come along- As rewarding as it can be to score a unicorn, sometimes it’s just not possible. Think about it, there’s only up to 5,000 of each item/print. But, it’s OK. Another print will come along that you will love the same or more!

How to shop for Lularoe clothing

Are you addicted to Lularoe after reading this post? Welcome to the club!


Here’s how you can grow your Lularoe collection:

  • Get yourself a go-to consultant- I can personally recommend Ann Soumar, she’s my go-to Lularoe girl! Consultants like Ann throw parties regularly online and you are always welcomed at their VIP shops.
  • Host an in-house party or online for added perks- Hosting your own Lularoe party is a ton of fun and a great way to get together with all of your gal pals. If you and your friends have busy schedules, you can always schedule a party online. Need another reason to host a party? There are tons of perks! Each consultant has his/her own set of perks, but typically offer free clothing, pre-party shopping, and other exciting incentives!
  • Go to your consultant’s party- Consultants usually offer parties in their homes because Lularoe is all about creating community. This is a great way to meet other Lula addicts and make friends with women (and men too!)  who share the same passion with you!

Woah! That was a lot of information about Lularoe, but I told you it was the ULTIMATE guide to Lularoe leggings and then some!

Do you love Lularoe Leggings? What is your favorite thing about them? What other Lularoe clothing items do you own? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Danielle says

    As a plus sized women myself I also have problems with any sort of pants wearing out in the crotch, have you had any problems with the leggings wearing out out quickly/easily?

    • 2


      I completely understand this problem all too well. I have 2 pairs of black leggings, which I alternate to wear to work all week. The first pair that I got (about 2 months ago), just developed a small hole in the inner thigh a couple of days ago. They lasted longer than I expected, but I wish this didn’t happen. Although I yet have to find a pair that doesn’t get holes over time.

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