Dia&Co: The Subscription Box Every Plus Size Gal Needs

dia&co review

The world is filled with subscription boxes. There’s literally a box for anything and everything your heart desires. From makeup, to snacks, to fashion, you can sign up for a service for all of your subby box needs. For plus size babes looking to get their fashion fix, there’s a fairly new box that you need to sign up for stat! Enter: Dia&Co., the one of a kind subscription box service specially designed for plus size women sizes 14 & up.

I know what your thinking. This sounds intriguing but too good to be true. Being a plus size woman myself I know how complicated it can get to shop for clothing without knowing how different brands fit. I also know that the idea of some else picking out your threads can be nerve rattling too. But trust me ladies, Dia&Co has go your back!

dia&co review

Dia&Co: Here’s What It’s All About!

See Dia&Co isn’t an average clothing subscription service that just tosses a bunch of fabric into a box and calls it a day. They have stylists in their squad who work with your individual needs. The ladies get to know you and your personal style via a detailed quiz that you take when you sign up. It’s fun, quick, and really helps your personal stylist understand what you like.

Part of the quiz also includes questions about how much you are willing to spend on each item. Most of the pieces will cost about $50, with some items being a little lower or higher in price. Your stylist will pick pieces that work for your budget. Regardless how much you want to spend per item, you can rest assured that your box with be poppin’ with 5 beautiful pieces that also includes accessories if you chose.


How Much Does A Dia&Co Subscription cost?

I know the word personal stylist sounds expensive. It’s something we usually relate to celebs and rich people, but Dia&Co. makes having your own stylist super affordable. There’s a $20 styling fee per box and the best part is that the $20 is applied to any items that you purchase from your curated box. If you end up loving all of the pieces in your box you will receive 20% off your purchase when you buy everything. If you are one of my readers you can check out Dia and receive a special discount off of your first Dia box!

My Dia&Co Review

I’ll be completely honest. I wasn’t sure what to expect in my box. I’ve always dreamed about having my own stylist, but being the control freak that I can be, I wasn’t sure about it. I also like to think that I’m pretty fashionable, so would someone else be able to style me as good as do? I was about to be surprised.

When my Dia&Co. box arrived I couldn’t help but notice a cute little love letter from my stylist right on top of the pile of neatly folded clothing. Asby gave me a little background on why she chose each piece and a few suggestions on how to style my looks. It’s a personalized touch that I really appreciate. It shows me that I’m more than just a gal receiving a box, I’m actually getting a box personalized specifically to me. That right there my Pigment pals is what I call elevated service.


The theme of my box was all about updating my closet for the New Year. I was excited to dig into my box and as soon as I started to pull things out I was impressed. With the exception of a black Eloquii tunic, every piece that I took out of the box was something I would have never purchased myself. For starters, I received a pair of boyfriend jeans by Kut from the Kloth. This is both a brand I’ve never tried and cut I’ve been afraid of.  I’ve been in a committed relationship with my skinny jeans for over five years. After trying on these jeans, let’s just say I’ll be straying from my skinnies. They boyfriend jeans are incredibly comfortable and will look fab with booties and a body suit. I love that Ashby challenged me to try something new with her pick of jeans because it’s a style I’m going to incorporate into my wardrobe and brand I want to further explore.


The piece that really wowed me was the red flare sleeve dress by Eloquii. While I’ve heard many great things about Eloquii, I had never worn anything by them until now. The second I slipped on this power dress I knew it was going to be my New Year’s Eve dress. Seriously, it’s my favorite item in my closet at the moment. I want someone to invite me to something fancy so I have another excuse to wear the dress!


Something that really impressed me about my Dia&Co. box was how well all of the pieces that my stylist picked for me fit. The only item that was a little long on me was a button down pencil skirt by Fashion to Figure. Although I must say that I love the skirt, so I’m willing to pay to have it altered a bit. The boyfriend jeans by Kut by the Kloth are also a tad bit big, so I think may send them back to exchange for another size. That’s the cool thing about Dia&Co. They don’t just send you a one size fits all box and expect you to love it. If something isn’t the right size, you can send it back for another size with free shipping included both ways.

One of my favorite things about Dia&Co. is their dedication to making this service a personalized experience for every single subscriber. If you don’t like one or more of the items in your box, all you have to do is send the items back for free. You can also provide them feedback which will help to improve your future box.

I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to try out Dia&Co and I’m excited to get another box from them in the near future!

Have you tried Dia&Co? Did you like it? Don’t forget that Pretty In Pigment readers get a special discount! Tell me about your experience by commenting below!


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