I love the name of your blog. How did you come up with it?
I guess you can say that I have a nostalgic relationship with colorful makeup because my first experiences with makeup (when I was 13) consisted of blue eye shadow, green glitter, and ruby red lipstick. I’ve always felt pretty in makeup, not because of how it makes me look, but how it allows me to express myself creatively.

Through the years I’ve realized that color lives in all facets of my life and goes was beyond my makeup bag. From colorful plus size fashion, to the beautiful colors of the mystic Northen Lights, I believe in living a life inspired by the colors of the world.

Who takes your pictures?
I take most of the photos on my blog; however, when it comes to my fashion photos, I have a few helpful hands.

Meet my amazing team of photographers:


Esther’s website: EstherLeePhoto.com



Kari’s website: TopangaMarie.com

How can I collaborate with you?
I’m always interested in hearing about opportunities to collaborate with brands, as well as other influencers. Please just send me an email at Sahily@prettyinpigment.com with what you have in mind and I would love to chat with you about it. You can also check out my hire me page to see some of the best ways to work together.