How to Pamper Yourself Daily with Caress


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From the moment I wake up to the minute that I go to bed I feel like I’m just go, go, go all of the time. I’m the type of person that just can’t stand still, so I jam pack my days until there is barely enough time left to breathe. It’s exhausting and I’m always looking for ways to fit some me time into my day.

One of the ways that I unwind and escape the everyday world for a few relaxing moments is during my nightly shower. This is a special time for me because I can disconnect from everything that is going on around me and gives me a chance to spend some time decompressing. I like to create a space that welcomes relaxation when I take a shower. I light a candle, play my favorite playlist, and indulge in the enchanting scent of my Caress body wash.

Caress body wash has been a part of my pampering routine for years and I’ve purchased several of the scents in their collection from Walmart. I love how Caress body washes have distinct fragrances, which I tend to switch up every few months. Although my pick of fragrance changes every so often, I can always count on Caress to leave me smelling fresh while keeping my body clean.


Currently, the Sheer Twilight scent is my favorite way to unwind. This body wash has an indulgent scent that includes a blend of black orchid and juniper oil. The alluring fragrance of this body wash lingers long after my shower and helps me to keep my relaxation going.



What’s your favorite Caress body wash fragrance? How do you pamper yourself?

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