Pretty In Pigment Disclosure Policy:

I’ve created this policy to provide transparency between readers, myself and brands that I currently work with, or will work with in the future.  Please note, I only work with brands that I would personally shop from and that align with the aesthetic of the Pretty In Pigment brand. You will see this time and time again through this policy because it is of the utmost importance to me!

My relationship and integrity to my readers is always my first priority, which means:

  • I only partner with brands that truly interest me and that I feel are of interest to my readers.
  • All opinions that I post about are always my own and are not influenced by brands and/or their affiliates.

My blog that originally started off as a hobby has since became my passion and my career. To maintain my blog I not only invest time ( a lot of it! Did you know that the average fashion post takes me 3-5 hours to create?), but money too! Plus I enjoy having a roof over my head, eating, feeding my dogs, Netflix, and taking trips to Target. This is why I partner with brands to bring authentic content to my readers that aligns with the topics I cover on my Pretty In Pigment.

Here are the ways I work with brands:

  • I partner with brands that I personally enjoy, to help them increase awareness of their products and/or services. I ONLY partner with brands that compliment the readers and aesthetics of Pretty In Pigment.
  • I do accept sponsored posts and/or advertisements as long as they align with Pretty In Pigment’s mission. Posts that are sponsored will be disclosed in the post. Sponsored ads will be posted on right side bar and I will do my best to keep them from obstructing the design aesthetics of Pretty In Pigment.
  • Any products, items or services that I review or feature from a brand will be disclosed in my post. I will only share reviews of products that I feel my readers would honestly benefit from and truly enjoy. Please note, I don’t charge for reviews, therefore I don’t waste time on writing negative reviews. This is why I only include items/products/services that I feel are worth sharing with my readers in a positive light. Products or items that are sent to me for review will not be returned, unless it was previously agreed upon.
    Note: sending me product for review DOES NOT GUARANTEE placement on Pretty In Pigment.
  •  I use affiliate links for brands and products that I feel strongly about, which means that I make a small percentage of commission if you purchase from the provided link. This is how I can continue to bring you product reviews and outfit posts weekly. 🙂
    Note: Not all of the links in my posts are affiliate links.
  • I accept guest post/sponsored posts from brands that once again align with Pretty In Pigment. You will always see a disclosure at the beginning of these posts.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my disclosure policy.