Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: Frolicking in the Fields of Tulips


Tulips are my favorite flower and it’s something I must have inherited from my grandmother. Being from South Florida I’ve never seen tulips outside of the floral section of the grocery store and seeing fields of tulips has always been on my bucket list. As a matter of fact, since the summer day that I moved to Seattle I was anxiously anticipating the start of

Deception Pass + Whidbey Island


My wanderlust fever has returned again. I keep finding myself lusting over Pinterest boards filled with photos of distant places that my soul craves to explore. Before allowing myself to dive too deep into the world of vacation daydreaming, I remind myself of the reality that a big trip isn’t on my itinerary anytime soon. Instead of wishing my days away, I’ve been feeding my

Ballard Locks + Birthday OOTD

ballard locks

My 31st birthday passed a few weeks ago and it’s the second birthday I have spent in Seattle. Last year we were here visiting as tourist and this year we are here as residents. It still feels very surreal for me that I live in this beautiful city. To celebrate my birthday, we decided to check out the Ballard Locks, a very popular tourist attraction

6 Places to See Street Art Murals in South Florida

boynton beach arts district

There is nothing that I love to do more on the weekends than to explore South Florida, especially the local art scenes around me. As an artist myself, I find a tremendous amount of inspiration from the street art murals in South Florida. I love all forms of art, but walls coated in paint really speak to my soul. This is why you’ve probably noticed

Travel Safety Tips for Dog Owners

travel safety tips for dog owners

My dogs are my besties. No joke, they are probably the best friends I’ve ever had and I look for any excuse to spend more time with them. Since I work from home, I spend a good part of my day with my dogs already, but when Take Your Dog to Work Day rolls around, it’s the perfect excuse to work out of my remote

#BestDayEver at Eleven Salon & Spa

Eleven Salon and Spa

South Florida is known for palm trees, beaches and fun in the sun. For fashionistas and beauty mavens, it’s also known as a haven for luxurious spas. Many people automatically think of the famed locations from Miami to Palm Beach, but their is a hidden treasure nested along the way. Delray Beach is home to the Eleven Spa & Salon, located just a few minutes