6 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Guy


Let’s admit it, when it comes to gift shopping for the special guy in your life, it can be fairly confusing. It’s not that there aren’t any options, but the fact is that most guys are simple and already have the things that they need. So how do you exactly surprise the man in your life? First off, a gift is a gift, be it something huge or small. Regardless what you get him, you can count on him loving it because it’s coming from you. Depending on what your guy enjoys, you’ll want to come up with your own surprises. But here are few fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The “just because” Gift

Do you really need an occasion to make your man feel loved? The best kind of gift is the one that is least expected. Pamper the man in your life by giving him a simple “just because” gift. The best part about this kind of surprise is that it can be anything! From a new shirt to making him breakfast in bed, you can start an ordinary day on a very extra ordinary note.



Customize All the Way

You can never go wrong with customized gifts, especially gifts that can be tailored to your guy’s likings. Since most guys are all about function, I love these cork wallets by 2611 Art. These wallets and money clips are handmade and are crafted with sustainable/eco-friendly materials. Best of all, you can place a custom order to design a gift that is truly original.


Last Minute DIY Sweet Gift

Even the best of us sometimes plan poorly for a special day. The good thing is that it’s easy to whip up something cute and personalized in just a few minutes. Your guy is sure to enjoy these DIY Candy Milk Jugs and they are super easy to make. Paired with a card and a gift card to his favorite store, you can easily make it look like you planned weeks ahead!

Love Trail

We’ve all seen those trails of candles, dim lights, and rose petals that lead to a bathroom or bedroom on movies. Ok, I know this one may sound corny, but hear me out. Reinvent this concept and create a trail of something your guy loves. Maybe it’s beef jerky or candies, whatever it may be, have the trail lead him to a new video game, a special meal, or a place the two of you can be alone.

Give the Gift of Comfort

The purpose of any gift is to give something that will be used. And when it comes to your guy, you should explore new and innovative options so that he can have a new thing to try. For instance, why not consider a pillow designed for the guy that loves to watch TV or play video games in bed? This pillow to sit up in bed will add in the extra comfort while he relaxes and will become his very personal throne.


Men Love to Be Pampered Too!

Do you think women are the only ones that love a spa day? Think again. Men love to be pampered too. Book your guy a barber spa appointment at The Art of Shaving or pick up some guy-friendly skincare products so that he can pamper himself at home.

Hand-written Notes

There is something very special about hand-made stuff and notes. If you are the creative kind, jump on to YouTube and look out for some DIY handmade gift boxes. And in case you are bad with the scissors, just write down romantic love notes. Be sure to leave these notes in his journal, car or where ever it is least expected. These cute goofy notes will surely bring a smile to his face.

What are you getting and/or making for your guy this Valentine’s Day? Let me know by commenting below!

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