20 Nude Lipsticks Under $20

nude lipstick under 20

Nude lipstick is like a little black dress– it’s a timeless look that’s here to stay. The beauty gods have always told us that the right nude lipstick should be similar to your skintone, but if you’re like many women, that can make you look washed out. You don’t want that!Contrary to popular belief, nude lipsticks don’t have to be so”nude” after all. In fact,

Confidence + Curves: How I Learned to Have the Best of Both Words

torrid inider collection

I have never used the word confident to describe myself. That is until now. My confidence, particularly in my body is something that is new to me. In fact, I spent the majority of my life feeling ashamed and embarrassed about my figure. I’m a Latina, and while we embrace curves, my family taught me to only embrace certain curves. They believe in curves in

How to Style an Outfit from Goodwill for Under $25

goodwill outfit

This “Two Girls, One Thrift Store” post is part of my monthly collaboration with Erica of The Truth Tea. On the last Thursday of each month, we team up to share thrifted outfit ideas, tips & tricks, and our favorite places to thrift in Seattle– check out our last post. This month we’re excited to have partnered with Seattle Goodwill for today’s #TwoGirlsOneThriftStore post! The

Boho Babe in Torrid

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When I first moved to Seattle one of my friends made a joke about how people here come out of the woodworks when the sun is out. I honestly didn’t believe it. Being from Florida I felt that the sun was over-rated, that is until I spent a winter in the rainy city. They weren’t playing when they said that it’s grey are dreary for

Find Your Perfect Pair at Jag Jeans x Fit Code Denim Fit Lab

jag jeans x fit code denim fit lab

I think we can all agree that finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a pain on the butt. Either they are too long, too short, too baggy, too tight– the list goes on. For me, finding the right jeans has always been a challenge, so I usually avoid wearing them altogether; however, I love jeans when they actually fit. Since they are such

Dry Skin Survival: The 20 Best Products to Hydrate Your Skin


Let me just flat out say it: Dry skin is a drag. There’s nothing fun about having dull and dehydrated skin. If that wasn’t enough, sometimes the symptoms of dry skin can get severe causing skin to become flaky and itchy. While some people may deal with mildly dry skin on a regular basis, the cold winter months bring a drop in humidity that can